Our Strategy

WCDM Houston is continuously making strides to improve contraceptive use among women in Harris County by means of partnering with local clinics to enhance reproductive health services, train staff, and educate patients.

The current goal of WCDM is to continue to expand our clinical partnerships and engage women throughout Houston.

To date our past and current clinic partners include Legacy Community Health, El Centro de Corazon & Baylor Teen Health Clinic. We have trained over 70 staff members, which includes providers, nurses, social workers, medical technicians, and clinic clerks. In addition to this, we have reached approximately 9,000 women in Harris County. We are currently expanding to VCare Community Clinic, Harris County Public Health & Avenue 360 in 2019.

We have also embarked on an extensive communication & marketing campaign. This campaign, Own Every Piece, is straightforward: better birth control for more Houston women. Own Every Piece (OEP) strategically uses social media platforms, a website and testimonials from actual birth control-users to share the message that women have the right to good, honest information about birth control options, and encourages them to consider the lesser known, but most effective, versions like IUDs or implants. The campaign’s namesake derives from the idea that women have the power to own every piece of their lives, including birth control. The WCDM initiative and the OEP Campaign has been extremely successful.

The OEP campaign launched in September 2018 and has already reached 200,000 women throughout Houston within a month of its launch.  The campaign leverages current pop-culture themes that celebrate female power to normalize the conversation about birth control. Just as pop-culture is continuously evolving, so is the Own Every Piece campaign.

Click on the banner to visit the Own Every Piece website! 

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